Finding the Bluebird Support Group in October 2014 was one of the best experiences that have ever happened, since I was first diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety, in April 2004.

The Bluebird group is really awesome and has been wholeheartedly responsible, for my transformation in not only improving my mental health, but maintaining a positive and balanced outlook and approach to life.

Prior to attending the Bluebird Support Group, I had visited a plethora of Self Help and Support Groups, without any meaningful outcomes or significant influences on my life. Well the Bluebird Support Group changed all that!

From the moment you arrive, you are made to feel welcome and gain a sense of belonging, in been openly accepted by your fellow peers, who like me, all have a lived experience. I was able to listen, learn, be inspired, humbled and encouraged by what my fellow peers had to share in the group and from this; I was able to share what was on my heart, without any fears or pretense, as I was finally able, to truly be myself.

What a relief, to finally find a Support Group like Bluebird, where they have a fully-trained psychologist, who is so compassionate, conscientious, considerate and caring to everyone in the room.  This creates such a supportive environment, where I was able to be motivated towards discovering personal insights and learning new ways of managing my mental health, I never thought possible.

I cannot emphasize enough, how important on-going psychology, especially in a group setting like Bluebird, has been in keeping me focused and ensuring my recovery journey, continues to progress, in the right direction.  I have found the Bluebird Support Group, a very profound and significant influence, on shaping me as an individual and providing me with a true identity, in coming to know myself better and also a very important avenue for acceptance and self belief.