I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 27 and experienced firsthand the gap in services for adults over 25 experiencing a mental illness. Being diagnosed with depression was as much a shock to me as it was for my family and friends. It had a huge impact on my life then and the ripple effect continues to this day.

Whilst struggling with my depression I also struggled to find the support I needed. My family and friends were supportive but didn’t quite “get it” and I got to a point where life felt so hard and dark and black that I started to think it would be easier if I wasn’t here.

That’s when I realised I needed extra support and so I went looking for other people just like me. I spent an afternoon on the phone, online and on hold, specifically asking for support groups for people my age, and when I couldn’t find one I started the bluebird (formerly GenWHY?) support group.

Starting bluebird was a catalyst in my recovery and a much needed light in a very dark place. Depression completely changed my life, who I thought I was and what I wanted out of life but it also made me stronger, more grateful and with a passion for living a life to the fullest.

I encourage anyone struggling with depression or anxiety to reach out for help, know that you are not alone and that you can get better. If I can do it then anyone can.


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