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Amanda’s Story

I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 27 and experienced firsthand the gap in services for adults over 25 experiencing a mental illness. Being diagnosed with depression was as much a shock to me as it was for my family and friends. It had a huge impact on my life then and the […]

Matthew’s Story

Finding the Bluebird Support Group in October 2014 was one of the best experiences that have ever happened, since I was first diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety, in April 2004.

The Bluebird group is really awesome and has been wholeheartedly responsible, for my transformation in not only improving my mental health, but maintaining a positive and […]

Sarah’s Story

Depression… I never really believed it to be an illness or acknowledged it as one until I experienced it. The first time was in 2006, I locked myself in my bathroom. My boyfriend had just left to go home, and I didn’t want him to leave. I freaked out, I cried, I was scared and […]

James’ Story

I first attended the Bluebird support group in 2014 after experiencing depression and anxiety for around 10 years following a workplace injury and subsequent issues with chronic pain. I have learned over the years to manage my mental health issues using pain management techniques, counselling and medication, but found that attending the support group […]

Tara’s Story

My depression started after a car accident I had in 2004 when I was 26.  I was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.  The diagnosis came as a huge shock to both myself and my family as being a perfectionist, I didn’t think this could happen to me.  My depression feels like swimming in muddy […]