Bluebird is an up and coming mental health charity with a big vision:

“To be Australia’s leading provider of psychologist led, peer supported services championing adult mental health and wellbeing.”

Bluebird has achieved a great deal with very little funding, and has been able to provide support groups to over 390 individuals in 2015 from CBD locations in both Perth and Fremantle.

Founded in 2009, Bluebird is the only organsation in WA dedicated to offering support groups facilitated by registered psychologists for over 25’s. In addition, Bluebird offers this service for free to all members, relying solely on private and grant based funding.

Although this structure can be challenging, Bluebird is committed to providing accessible solutions to the rising burden of mental health illness on the WA health system.


The commitment to work towards a goal we know is challenging but we believe is vitally important.


We will always be mindful of the backgrounds and experiences of the people who we work with and will offer them a safe comfortable environment to ensure they feel supported.


We believe it is the right for all who choose our services to work with professional people who value confidentiality, integrity, respect and deliver the highest standards of service.


We endeavor to create an environment were those in need can feel accepted, safe and secure.
  • Bluebird Support Group was created after founder Amanda Stephenson was diagnosed with depression at 27.

  • She experienced first hand the gap in services and support for those over 25 experiencing a mental illness.

  • After searching in vain for people her age experiencing depression, Amanda eventually started her own support group.

  • Bluebird provides a personal touch in a professional environment and has a strong peer network for members to access.

  • Our monthly social events encourage members to re-engage in the community and provide an opportunity for members to catchup in an informal relaxed environment.

  • Bluebird is the only support group that utilises a professional psychologist to facilitate meetings alongside vital peer support and caters specifically to those over 25.

  • Bluebird aims to provide the information, tools, resources and inspiration for members to manage and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

  • Our quarterly wellbeing workshops cover meditation and mindfulness, nutrition and exercise, stress and anxiety as well as goal setting and future planning.

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Amanda Stephenson

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Allan Campbell

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